Welcome to the African Center for the Study and Research on Migration (ACSRM)
Joining the AMSA
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The AMSA is a pioneering international association focused on African migration studies. It aims to address gaps in interdisciplinary, intellectual, and policy-oriented forums specifically dedicated to African migration studies. AMSA is open to any individual interested in African migration studies and fully adheres to the goals, principles, mandates, and statutes governing the Association. 

Members participate in conferences, workshops, and seminars organized by AMSA and platforms (research clusters) to disseminate their research findings and engage in intellectual forums, knowledge production, and practical ways of addressing African migration trends and challenges. AMSA’s members also receive news about the Association’s activities and conferences, jobs, publications, and training opportunities related to African migration. 

The African Centre for the Study and Research on Migration (ACSRM) administers the AMSA. The ACSRM currently handles the AMSA Secretariat. The ACSRM website hosts the AMSA’s activities. But it is envisioned to create an AMSA-proper website. 

Membership of the AMSA is free. However, it is envisioned membership fees in the short and long run. 

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ACSRM Individual and Institutional Membership

Please join the AMSA, whether as an individual or institutional member. Here is the form to fill out to become an AMSA member and the conditions for membership.
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For additional information, please get in touch with Ibrahima Amadou Dia, Director of the African Centre for the Study and Research on Migration (ACSRM), initiator of the African Migration Studies Association (AMSA) at: Ibrahima.Dia@africa-union.org and copy: acsrm@africa-union.org

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