Welcome to the African Center for the Study and Research on Migration (ACSRM)
Migration Studies in Africa
Credit: Photo by Triaxialtick5 – Wikimedia Commons

Migration and mobility are intrinsically linked to Africa’s historical and contemporary societal patterns and dynamics. Due to the complexity and cross-cutting nature of migration, migration studies often require an interdisciplinary approach, drawing on the perspectives from various disciplines, including anthropology, sociology, history, economics, law, sociology, political science, geography, population studies, development studies, refugee studies, to name a few. Despite, the importance of migration in shaping the past, contemporary, and future of African societies, the topic of migration still does not have the attention it deserves in the African academic landscape.

Credit: Photo by SmartRebeccaJoy – Wikimedia Commons

The ACSRM endeavors to enhance understanding of African migration’s historical and contemporary patterns and dynamics and the societal (social, economic, political, legal, environmental, cultural, geopolitical, etc.) dimensions and implications of migration by considering various levels (local, national, regional, international/global). It endeavors to deepen understanding of how Africa is situated in the international and global debate on migration.

Credit: Photo by Joycedzide – Wikimedia Commons
Credit: Photo by Gsalamander – Wikimedia Commons


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