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Border governance

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The ACSRM aims to deepen understanding of the challenges related to border management and capacitate African Member States and RECS on strengthening migration management and governance, including border governance per the international human rights instruments. The ACSRM aims to capacitate African Member States and RECs on a human-rights-based approach to border management and border governance to ensure Member States promote the human rights of migrants and displaced persons and meet international protection and human rights obligations while securing national borders and facilitating cross-border trade and mobility.

Border governance relates to the legal, legislative, policy, and institutional frameworks and the collaboration between society and non-state actors on border management issues. While management of borders is a prominent aspect, border governance goes beyond border management. It includes various issues, i.e., the laws, legislation, tools, and procedures for regulating cross-border movements of people and goods. Against the backdrop of increasing securitization of international migration, many countries are tightening border control and surveillance, which can hinder the human rights of migrants and displaced persons, the protection of vulnerable migrants and displaced persons, and the free movement of persons.

The increasing securitization and surveillance of international migration should not lead to the criminalization of migrants, the tightening of border control and visa policies, and the closing of the borders, as this hinders the free movement of persons and the prospect of continental integration.

Effective border governance can help to address the challenges of irregular migration, human trafficking, and smuggling of migrants. Moreover, strengthening border management is crucial to address international threats such as transnational organized crime.  Strengthening bilateral, international, and regional cooperation on security, migration, and development is crucial for effective border governance and economic integration. 

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