Welcome to the African Center for the Study and Research on Migration (ACSRM)
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AMSA Membership-Related Information

The AMSA is an international association that fosters exchange, collaboration, communication, and interactions between African migration researchers, experts, policymakers, students, and, overall, individuals interested in African migration issues. AMSA’s fundamental objective is to strengthen research, studies, teaching, training, and policy debates on African migration issues. 

The AMSA aims to mobilize various stakeholders (researchers, experts, policymakers, international organizations, students, etc.) to deepen understanding of African migration and address its challenges and opportunities. It comprises working groups, research committees or clusters, and working sessions. It endeavors to be the leading international or global platform to reflect on the advances and challenges in studying and researching African migration. 

The AMSA increases international visibility by providing platforms for researchers, experts, and scholars to disseminate their research and publications. It contributes to policy debates on African migration by offering platforms for researchers, experts, policymakers, and practitioners to discuss African migration policy implications. 

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The AMSA assists its members in publishing books, articles in peer-reviewed journals, working papers, and policy briefs, and in drafting Ph.D. dissertations and Master’s dissertations, thereby promoting knowledge production on African migration. 

It also offers opportunities for students, junior researchers, and experienced scholars and researchers to be up-to-date on debates and opportunities on African migration (new publications, calls for papers for conferences, seminars, calls for publications, job vacancies, etc.). 

The AMSA contributes to strengthening the research and analytical skills of the student and junior researcher members through training activities (summer schools, webinars, etc.), mentoring and tutoring, grants for writing Ph.D. and Master’s dissertations, support for organizing student seminars and conferences, etc. 

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The AMSA endeavors to strengthen knowledge production and dissemination by facilitating the publications of books, articles in peer-reviewed journals, working papers, and policy papers. It aims to support students, junior researchers, and experienced scholars in staying current on advances and innovations in migration studies in general, African migration in particular, and advancing knowledge in these fields.
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The AMSA aims to strengthen communication, collaboration, partnership, and synergy among its members so they play a prominent role in fostering studies, research, teaching, and training on African migration continentally and globally. It does so through workshops, conferences, summer schools, and platforms linking academics, researchers, policymakers, and practitioners.

The AMSA aims to rethink the often-biased narratives on African migration by disseminating groundbreaking research on contemporary African migration trends, dynamics, and patterns and by deconstructing stereotypes and misleading analyses on African migration. It provides a platform to reflect on innovative theoretical, conceptual, and methodological tools to deepen understanding of African migration beyond the biased and misleading dominant narratives.

The AMSA gathers wide-ranging actors interested in African migration issues, whether they are Africans or not Africans, based in Africa or outside the continent (students, researchers, experts, policymakers, professors, practitioners, migrant individuals and associations, media, NGOs, international organizations, NGOs, government officials, media, civil society organizations, practitioners, etc.).

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In a nutshell

The AMSA, an international association, involves members worldwide who share a common interest in advancing African migration studies. The AMSA revolves around the following objectives:
Credit: Photo by Christina Morillo
The AMSA articulates several interrelated goals: to strengthen knowledge production on African migration, support well-evidenced and data-driven policies and programs to address the challenges and opportunities of African migration and improve teaching and studies on African migration. It links academic, policymaking, teaching, and training endeavors, considering various stakeholders’ interests and priorities on African migration.


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