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Skilled migration, brain drain, brain gain, and brain circulation

Credit : Photo by Gustavo Fring – Pexels

The ACSRM aims to deepen understanding of the skilled migration and development nexus by investigating brain drain, brain waste, brain gain, and brain circulation issues in the context of skilled Africans’ international migration.

There is a need to deepen understanding of the various causes, patterns, dynamics, and trends of Africa’s skilled international migration, its impacts on African countries, and the policy implications to maximize its development potential and address its negatives.

Studies have shown the nexus between student and skilled migration. The ACSRM scrutinizes Africa’s student international migration causes, patterns, trends, and dynamics; its link with skilled migration; and its impacts on the development of African countries and the ensuing policy implications.

International student and skilled labor migration can foster socioeconomic development if there are effective policies aimed at addressing brain drain. African skilled migrants can contribute to homeland development by transferring financial remittances, skills, knowledge, and technology.

Credit: Photo by Laura James – Pexels

Brain drain can be converted into brain gain by mobilizing and engaging skilled diasporas in homeland development, including in the form of temporary return programs to address skilled workforce shortages in critical sectors such as health, education, Research-Development, science and technology, industry, etc. Skilled diaspora can play a fundamental role on skills development. Intra-continental skilled migration should be promoted to address skills shortages and foster regional and continental economic integration.

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